Aurélie Ries

Aurélie Ries is the rider in the stable and the manager in the absence of the Wettstein family.

After graduating from high school, Aurélie began her training as a professional rider in Valais and graduated in 2015 as a horse specialist specializing in classic riding.

Then she worked in two large commercial stables in Switzerland and then in a stable in Germany where she had the opportunity to present several horses in competition. During this time, she also trained a lot of young horses from breaking through to competition.

Looking for a stable where she could develop her professional and riding skills, her paths crossed with Ernst, Estelle and Marie-Line Wettstein in June 2019 and she settled in the Wettstein’s family business in Wermatswil.

Aurélie is responsible for riding and training the horses in the Wettstein sports and trading stable, heads the stable management and also gives riding lessons.

She is happy to take charge of riding, training and further education of horses in the livery stable or from outside. Aurélie has a lot of experience with young horses and also does the breaking in and work young horses or more experienced horses.

Aurélie is a young, dynamic, patient and motivated rider and trainer who always gives her best for the benefit of horse and rider.

She gives riding lessons in French, English and German.