Ernst Wettstein

  • Instructor and trainer
  • Buying and selling of sport horses
  • Customer care
  • Management of the sports and commercial stables

Trainers who shaped and accompanied Ernst and his career: His father Max Wettstein, George Morris (USA), Arthur Kottas (head rider at the Spanish Riding School) and Thomas Fuchs.

Childhood and adolescence: As a junior rider, Ernst was introduced to showjumping by his father. He later discovered racing and won several flat and steeplechase races.

Ernst's excursion into the “dressage scene”: in addition to jumping, he discovered dressage in the 1990s, due to his wife's “dressage blood”, and was a member of the Swiss dressage riders B team. Numerous classifications up to Grand Prix level resulted from this time.

Jumping elite squad: from 1997 to 2003 Ernst was a permanent member of the Swiss elite squad of show jumpers and achieved countless rankings. One of his greatest successes was winning the La Baule derby (2002).