Marie-Line Wettstein

  • instructor and trainer
  • Buying and selling dressage horses
  • Administration and finance
  • Responsible for the feel-good atmosphere and a coordinated appearance

Inspiration from Henri Chammartin: Marie-Line’s enthusiasm for sport was sparked in early childhood by the Swiss legend Henri Chammartin (gold medal Olympiade in Tokyo 1964). She also enjoyed training with the great German dressage riders Harry Boldt, Udo Lange, Jürgen Koschel and Arthur Kottas (chief rider at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna).

Gold at the Swiss Junior Championships in 1982, Participation in the European Championships in Munich Young Riders in 1983: Marie-Line was already on the front of the dressage scene as a junior where she won the gold medal at the Swiss Junior Championships in 1982 and the bronze medal in Young Riders the following year. In 1983, she joined the Swiss team for the European Young Riders Championships.

From the elite Swiss dressage championship through the World Cup in Las Vegas to high-level trainer:With her self-trained horse Watusi, Marie-Line achieved the breakthrough to the top of the Swiss dressage elite and with the superstar “Le Primeur”, Marie-Line had many successes on the big tour around the world for years . Le Primeur was retired from the big sport in 2009 after several European and World Cup participations. Among other things, she trained the mare “Piroschka”, who competed in the 2008 Olympic Games for China.

Today Marie-Line successfully trains her daughter Estelle and also looks after other talented riders.

From 2000 to 2009 permanent member of the Swiss dressage elite team.